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Watchman Procedure

Combatting AFib with the Watchman Device

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is the most common heart arrhythmia in the world. It is estimated that over 5 million Americans suffer from this often debilitating disease. The irregular heart beat originates in the upper chambers of the heart resulting in the upper chambers to quiver while the lower chambers of the heart beat irregularly in an attempt to keep up. It is this irregular heart beat that results in symptoms including a sensation of heart thumping, palpitations, lightheadedness, extreme fatigue and shortness of breath. The most alarming complication from AFib is the risk of stroke. AFib is the number one cause of strokes in patients over the age of 65.

Fortunately, Boston Scientific has designed a minimally invasive device, known as the “Watchman” device, which is permanently placed into the left upper chamber of the heart to help prevent strokes. The majority of blood clots tend to originate from an area of the heart known as the left atrial appendage which be described as a small pouch. This device plugs the pouch thereby preventing clots from forming and dislodging into the heart.