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Black History Month - Dr. John Prioleau

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  • Written By: Alyssa Hinman
Black History Month - Dr. John Prioleau

As society strives towards greater diversity and inclusion in health care, it's essential that we recognize the significant contributions that Black Americans have made in the field of medicine. Dr. John Prioleau, a specialist in internal medicine at UF Health Flagler Hospital, was motivated to become a physician after seeing his adoptive parents struggle with chronic diseases. Dr. Prioleau recalls how his parents had to travel for forty-five minutes to see a physician, which made him realize the lack of access to health care providers in his community. "I wasn't sure if my parents understood any facts related to their diabetes or their other illnesses. I always believed the success of my parents' disease management could be improved through better access, education and personal understanding." He spent hours researching in local libraries, joined health organizations in high school, and went on to attend UNC Chapel Hill for his undergraduate degree to gain a deeper understanding of the potential impact of diseases on families, social networks and personal economies.

Dr. Prioleau also wanted to create a voice of understanding health care that transcended cultural differences and fostered a community of knowledge for all people of all cultural backgrounds.