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Flagler Health+ Foundation Cancer Care Fund Supports Those on Their Cancer Journey

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  • Written By: Alyssa Hinman
Flagler Health+ Foundation Cancer Care Fund Supports Those on Their Cancer Journey

Between 1997 and 2022, Rebecca Reese was diagnosed with colon, melanoma, and breast cancer twice, and she lost her husband to the disease. And through it all, she remained positive, crediting her support system and programs that made her life a little more accessible throughout the process.

"Going through cancer is hard, but the programs available for cancer patients are a huge help," says Rebecca.

Throughout her cancer journey, Rebecca leaned on the generosity of others and encourages others going through a similar experience to utilize available services so that you can focus on getting healthy. Rebecca was helped by taxi services that took her to appointments at Flagler Hospital and back home, which she said was particularly helpful during a period when she couldn’t walk and couldn’t safely drive.

Flagler Hospital’s Oncology Nurse Navigator supplied Rebecca with a wheelchair, a walker, and a cane when she needed them. When she lost her hair, Rebecca was made to feel whole with a wig. “Through the Flagler Health+ Foundation Cancer Care Fund, I received a voucher to go pick out my own wig. The whole process was amazing,” she said.

The Flagler Health+ Foundation Cancer Care Fund supports the resources available at the Cancer Education and Support Center (CESC), including the Breast Cancer Patient Navigator program. Patients and families can visit the CESC for cancer support groups, educational materials, and other information regarding cancer diagnosis. The Center can also provide important resources like vouchers for wigs and free lumpectomy bras for patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Rebecca also found an organization that helped with lawn, auto, and home care services.

Rebecca hopes that sharing her story will inspire others going through cancer to “never give up, keep a positive attitude, and use the programs and resources available.” To donate to the Flagler Health+ Foundation Cancer Care Fund and help others receiving cancer treatment, visit