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Sovereign Healthcare’s partnership with Dr. James Andrews Announces First Surgery Center Projects in Northeast Florida with Flagler Health+

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  • Written By: Erin Wallner
Sovereign Healthcare’s partnership with Dr. James Andrews Announces First Surgery Center Projects in Northeast Florida with Flagler Health+

St. Augustine, Fla. (Nov. 2, 2021) -- Sovereign Healthcare and Dr. James R. Andrews, one-week after announcing the formation of Andrews Ambulatory Surgery, today announced their first surgery center projects which will be in Northeast Florida in a partnership with UF Health St. Johnsand local surgeons. At least three surgery center projects will be developed, with additional opportunities to also be evaluated.

In August, Dr. Andrews announced an affiliation with UF Health St. Johnswhereby a new, state-of-the-art Andrews Institute will be developed on the grounds of the new UF Health St. Johnscampus in Durbin Park, which will include a surgery center among other services and programs at the site, including orthopedic research and education, sports medicine clinics, rehabilitation centers, school-based programs and more. Today’s announcement expands on that news and includes the role of Sovereign Healthcare, one of the foremost strategy, development, and management companies in the country. The new Andrews-Sovereign partnership will not only develop and operate the surgery center in Durbin Park, but will lead all surgery center efforts with Flagler Health+, including surgery centers in St. Augustine, Palm Coast and others being evaluated.

“We have ambitious plans to ensure we are meeting the needs of our community, and what excites us is when some of the foremost leaders in health – like Andrews and Sovereign Healthcare – see our vision and want to join us,” said Jason Barrett, CEO of Flagler Health+. “These relationships will be very good for Flagler Health+, our physicians, and the populations we serve.”

“UF Health St. Johnsshares our commitment to innovation, quality and patient-centered care,” said Dr. James Andrews. “Andrews Ambulatory Surgery will ensure that all outpatient surgery that is affiliated with UF Health St. Johns is performed in the most advanced, highest quality settings, with the best staff and the absolute highest standards.”

Ambulatory surgery centers have been an essential element on the health care landscape in helping to reduce the cost of care, while doing so in specialized settings that have extremely high quality. While many health systems have developed surgery centers, most still attempt to hold onto procedures that help their hospitals bottom-lines, such as joint replacements, spine surgery, cardiovascular procedures, and others. As part of its commitment to be a total care enterprise, UF Health St. Johns is committed to being proactive in getting these cases to the ambulatory setting where costs are lower.

The surgery centers that will be developed will also include opportunities for physician investment, aligning interests of doctors around quality and efficiency. These opportunities will also allow physicians to join in surgery centers backed by the strength of a major health system.

“Through Andrews Ambulatory Surgery, we are seeing opportunities across the country, but joining with UF Health St. Johnsas our first venture should surprise no one,” said Jeremy Hogue, CEO of Sovereign Healthcare. “UF Health Flagler Hospital is consistently ranked as one of the best hospitals in the country, they are locally governed, have a forward-thinking leadership team, serve one of the fastest growing regions in the country, and are moving fast to meet these demands. They are the perfect partner where we can bring our strengths and truly impact the community.”